Hospital Pharmacy Professionals

More Pharmacy professionals choose to be represented by Orange Book Hire for Pharmacy positions than any other firm in the nation.

Orange Book Hire Representation

Everything we offer to our candidates is completely FREE. Hospitals pay us to find a perfect match for their Pharmacy openings which allows us to offer definitive value to you at no cost. 

Hospital Pharmacy Job Openings

Take a look at the Pharmacy job openings across the country. See something you like - let us know. We'd love to share all the information we have and ultimately represent you for the position.

Portrait of man pharmacist standing at the paydesk selling medications in the pharmacy store
Serious thoughtful multi-ethnic pharmacists in lab coats standing in drugstore and discussing new medications while using tablet to search for information in database
Hassle Free

Interim candidates are employed by Orange Book Hire. We provide housing, travel, meals, and insurance, in addition to an agreed upon pay rate.

Interim Assignments

Interim staff fill short-term voids within client healthcare facilities. Orange Book Hire works with experienced Pharmacy leaders across the country allowing them the opportunity to fill those voids. 

Contractors remain on Orange Book Hire’s payroll through the term of assignment.

Click below to join Orange Book Hire’s interim registry to be notified of all open assignments. 

Trusted by leading health systems and associations

We work with healthcare facilities of all shapes and sizes. Academic, children’s, non-profit, community… you name it, we’ve assisted them.

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