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The estimated population of Kansas is approximately 2.9 million people. The state has a fairly even split between males and females, with a slightly higher percentage of females. The largest ethnic groups in Kansas are white (85.5%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (12.2%), Black or African American (5.5%), and Asian (3.0%). Given that it is such a diverse place, it is an ideal area for a Healthcare Quality Professional, as it is welcoming to newcomers. 

cost of living

Kansas has a relatively low cost of living compared to the national average, with affordable housing and transportation costs. Other factors such as utilities and groceries tend to be around the national average. It is ideal for Healthcare Quality Professionals searching for a unique location with a thriving economy. 


Kansas has several highly regarded universities and colleges, including the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, and Wichita State University. The state also has a strong K-12 education system, with many highly ranked public school districts. Additionally, the state offers a variety of vocational and technical schools, as well as private institutions. Due to the many academic opportunities, it is a great place for Healthcare Quality Professionals to move to with their families. 


Kansas has a state sales tax of 6.5% and an income tax that ranges from 3.1% to 5.7%, depending on income level. The state also has property taxes, with rates varying by location and assessed property value. Kansas has a tax-friendly policy for retirement income, with Social Security benefits exempt from state income tax, and a deduction for retirement income from pensions and annuities. This is another reason why Healthcare Quality Professionals find Kansas to be a great area to move to for new opportunities.


Kansas has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters, and a large portion of the state is prone to severe weather, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hail. The eastern and southeastern parts of the state receive more rainfall and experience more humid conditions, while the western and southwestern areas are drier and more arid. It can be the ideal environment for Healthcare Quality professionals looking to live in a state that has a varied climate. 

hospitals in kansas

Kansas has a variety of hospitals, including the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, which is nationally ranked in 10 adult and 9 pediatric specialties. Other top hospitals in Kansas include St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, and Via Christi Hospital in Wichita. There are also a number of smaller community hospitals and clinics throughout the state, providing access to healthcare services for residents of both urban and rural areas.The many hospitals make it an ideal area for Healthcare Quality professionals.

Kansas offers a relatively low cost of living, friendly communities, and beautiful natural scenery. Additionally, it is known for its strong agricultural industry and growing job market in the healthcare and aviation sectors. All these reasons make Kansas a great place for Healthcare Quality professionals to move to. 

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