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Senior Infection Prevention Consultant

Job Summary

Senior IP Consultant

We are looking for a full- or part-time candidate to fill in the role of Senior Infection Prevention Control Consultant for Steve Hirsch & Associates. You will join a team of consultants that service Infection Prevention departments around the greater Los Angeles area.

You will need an RN license for the state of California, as well as specific training through APIC, CDC, or California Department of Health in Infection Control, or your MPH. You must have a bachelor’s degree, and a Certification in Infection Control (CIC) must be obtained within one (1) year of employment.

About Steve Hirsch & Associates

With over 25 years of experience in healthcare facility management consulting, accreditation and licensure preparedness, Steven Hirsch and Associates is one of the most qualified hospital consulting firms in the healthcare industry. Through their years of experience in hospital accreditation and licensure and Medicare Certification preparedness, they have obtained a wealth of knowledge while serving hospitals, critical access hospitals, freestanding surgery centers, and other healthcare-related organizations.

Steven Hirsch & Associates has been providing healthcare management consulting services to hospitals, critical access hospitals, and other healthcare-related organizations throughout the United States since 1987. Their healthcare consulting firm can provide assistance in a number of areas including Medicare certification and licensure, performance improvement, nursing management, infection prevention and control, Environment of Care/Life Safety Code compliance, medical staff services, clinical lab management and compliance with HIPAA.

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Infection Prevention Consultant

Official job description

infection prevention Consultant - Steve Hirsch & Associates

CORE FUNCTION: The incumbent is responsible for the direction of the Infection Prevention and Control Program, including the surveillance, prevention and control of infections in the facility environment. This is accomplished through surveillance, data analysis and interpretation, inspection, intervention, education, consultation and recommendations to facility leadership and medical staff. There are four primary domains: Education, Surveillance, Quality Improvement, and Program Maintenance.

SENIOR ICP: The incumbent must also:
1) Provide consultative assistance to SHA ICP & PI staff on matters pertaining to Hospital Infection Prevention and Control.
2) Assist with the development of IC Policies & Procedures for SHA ICP staff.
3) Provide telephone coverage in absence of IP.
4) Assist with interview process for new ICP candidates.
5) Provide “one-time” program evaluation assistance to clients for Infection Control.
6) Provide IC programs over site for SHA ICP’s.

LICENSURE: The incumbent shall maintain required California licensure or equivalent (i.e., RN, Graduate Degree in Public Health) and current BLS-C provider (CPR) status. The incumbent will be immediately eligible for certification by the Certification Board of Infection Control & Epidemiology (CBIC) or other equivalent certification body. Certification in Infection Control (CIC) must be obtained within one (1) year of employment.

EXPERIENCE: The incumbent should have a minimum of four (4) years full-time infection control experience in an acute care setting and specific training through APIC, CDC, and/or California Department of Health in Infection Control or equivalent agency. An advanced degree in Public Health or Epidemiology may be substituted for the training component.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The incumbent must be able to (1) travel from one client location to another by automobile; (2) remain standing for prolonged periods of time; (3) lift a minimum of 20 lbs. from floor to desk;

OTHER: The incumbent must possess: (1) a valid California driver’s license; (2) a reliable automobile; and (3) automobile liability insurance coverage in accordance with applicable laws of the State of California.

EDUCATION: The incumbent will be required to develop, execute, and monitor the educational component of each client facility’s Infection Prevention and Control Program. Elements of this program include but are not limited to the following:
(a) New employee orientation to the facility’s Infection Prevention and Control Program, Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Program and Tuberculosis Prevention Program (California – Aerosol Transmissible Disease Standard);
(b) Annual infection control updates, as required by the facility, state, regulatory and accreditation agencies;
(c) Interim education based on needs of surveillance, regulatory agencies, facility requests, and;
(d) Department-specific programs in response to identified needs.
The incumbent will also take part in new employee and annual orientation in accordance with the policies of the facilities to which the incumbent is assigned.

SURVEILLANCE: The incumbent will direct the surveillance of the facility environment for infection control issues, diseases of epidemiologic significance, outbreaks, and meeting state/federal mandates, etc. The results of such surveillance shall be presented to the Infection Control Committee (or other committee vested with that function of the facility), according to generally accepted epidemiologic principles. Data should be collected using standard surveillance methods, and the interpretation should be stratified in a way that provides useful information for control and prevention of facility- acquired infections. The methods of surveillance and the populations served shall be determined by the Infection Control Committee. These data should be based on the NHSN Patient.

Surveillance for and the reporting of conditions or diseases, as required by the local health department, state or federal agencies shall be the responsibility of the Senior Infection Prevention and Control Consultant. This function may be assigned to another individual within the facility but shall be overseen by the Senior Infection Prevention and Control Consultant. The results of such surveillance are to be reported to the Infection Control Committee.

PROGRAM MAINTENANCE: The Senior Infection Prevention and Control Consultant shall be responsible for the development of evidence-based a facility-specific Infection Control Manual that is prepared in accordance with the needs of the facility. The format shall be consistent with that used by the facility. Review of policies and procedures shall be undertaken in accordance with regulatory guidelines and facility policy but in any event no less frequently than every two (2) years.
New infection control policies and procedures shall be developed and implemented as technology and science progress and in
response to identified needs. A facility Infection Control Risk Assessment shall be conducted at least annually and be adjusted to address new threats to guide the development of a facility Infection Control Plan. Measurable goals will be established annually based on evaluation of the program the prior year, the risk assessment and Infection Control Plan. TheRisk Assessment shall be reviewed and updated at least quarterly or whenever there is a significant change in the risk (outbreak, Novel influenza, CDC alerts). An annual report shall be prepared for the Governing Body of the
facility addressing each of the following areas:
(a) Data trend analysis (including rates relative to immunization and program compliance with educational requirements);
(b) Effectiveness of the program;
(c) New services instituted;
(d) New procedures;
(e) Problems identified during the preceding year; and
(f) Priorities for the ensuing year.

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